Hi guys,

 I hope you are doing fantastic and enjoying the beautiful weather Mother Nature has decided to bestow on us these past few weeks, it feels like summer time and who doesn't like a bit of sunshine!!
May 16th, the time has come for the French curves challenge, initiated by  Gaelle Prudencio
It's a community of French speaking bloggers, with a theme. 
 This month's theme is polka dots vs flowers.

J'espère que vous vous portez à merveille et que vous profitez du temps magnifique que Mère Nature nous accorde ces dernières semaines. Il y a comme un air d'été, et qui n'aime pas un
 peu de soleil!!
On est le 16 mai, l'heure du French curves a sonné, il s'agit d'une initiative de Gaëlle Prudencio
C'est un collectif de blogueuses francophones avec un thème. Le thème du mois est pois vs fleurs.

The choice was obvious for me, I'm team #polkadots of course, yet I love flowers so I had to combine both.

Je suis bien sûr de la team des #pois, pourtant j'aime beaucoup les fleurs, alors j'ai dû combiner les deux.

I wanted a quick yet sophisticated hairstyle, so went for this elegant hair up.
for those of you who might not know, I'm a stylist and I work between London and Paris.
if you have any hair related query, please email me: vvjewelz@gmail.com

Je voulais une coiffure rapide et sophistiquée, j'ai donc opté pour ce style élégant.
Pour ceux d'entre vous qui ne le savent pas, je suis coiffeuse et j'exerce entre Londres et Paris.
Si vous avez des questions d'ordre capillaire, merci de me contacter par mail: vvjewelz@gmail.com

These earrings are part of my new collection ( i am also a jewelry designer).
 They are handmade, and available on my e-shop

Ces boucles d'oreilles font partie de ma nouvelle collection ( je suis créatrice de bijoux également) .
Elle sont faites à la main et sont disponibles sur le 

Shirt & bag: thrift shop/ Chemise & sac: friperie
Shoes & shorts/ Chaussures & short: Asos
Rings/ Bagues: Gudule
Earrings/ boucles d'oreilles: Ayawa Jewelz
Hair/Coiffure: VV-Jo
Photographer/ Photographe: beingmissflo
French Curves

Hi guys,

It's been ages I haven't blogged.
Just the turmoil of life and I haven't really had the time to do so.
I'm back today for the French curves challenge, initiated by Gaelle Prudencio.
This month's theme is the 90s.
When it comes to fashion from the 90s, I remember how popular Tshirts, jeans, hoodies and sneakers were popular, alongside with  recycled trends from the 50s, 60s and 70s
One of the best things about the 90s are the Tv shows: A different world, In living color, The Cosby Show , Family Matters, and of course  The fresh Prince of Bel Air

I refuse to conform to people's expectations of me, 

just to get validation of the masses.

Take a minute to smile

Jeans: Asos
Tshirt: H&M
Hat: Noula Paris
Earrings: Parfois
Sneakers: Gourmet Footwear
Bag & belt: Thrift shop 

French Curves
Hi guys,
Long time, no post!
First post of the year also, so I can't start without wishing all of you a happy new year, filled with love and good health.
January 16th, time for the French curves challenge, initiated a couple of years ago by Gaelle Prudencio.
This month challenge is cosy winter.
One of my favourite indoors activities is reading, and I find it kind of soothing and propice to the season.
L'une de mes activités préférées à l'intérieur est la lecture, je trouve que ça calme et propice à la saison.

This book is more picturesque, yet a great collection of images from all over Africa, by the young inspiring talent Diane Audrey Ngako, entitled: They call it Africa, We call it home.

Ce livre est plutôt pittoresque, il offre une grande collection d'images de l'Afrique, idée conçue par Diane Audrey Ngako, un prodigieux talent. Le livre s'intitule They call it Africa, We call it home.

This headwrap is actually a skirt, that I style  differently here.
Ce foulard est une jupe que j'avais déja porté ici.
My partner absolutely hate this cardigan but I absolutely love it ! Whenever I wear it, which is almost on a daily basis in winter, she gives me the  "not again that cardigan look", and I give her the "you know I'm not ready to get rid of it look"

Ma partenaire a ce gilet en horreur, mais je l'aime absolument! A chaque fois que je le mets, presque quotidiennement en hiver,  j'ai droit au regard qui dit "oh non pas encore ce gilet" et moi je réponds du regard "tu sais que je ne suis pas prête à m'en séparer"

Cardigan & T-shirt/gilet & T-shirt: Asos
Headwrap: Ayawa Hairstyle
Slippers/Chausson: Next
Mug: TkMaxx
footstool/pouf: Wilko
photos: Miss Flo
For more videos on headwraps and/or hairstyles, visit my youtube and for more pictures, my instagram is vv_jo

French Curves